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2 Hour Power kite lesson (Max 6 per instructor) £75

This land-based course is designed for the beginner who is not 100% sure whether they will like kitesurfing. Within the 2 hours you will learn all the fundamentals of kite flying, rigging and, more importantly, gaining the experience of what it’s like to fly a kite that generates real power! If the action-packed 2 hours makes you crave more you will be able to book onto the 2 day full kitesurf course at a discounted price.

Full 2 day kitesurf course (Max 4 per instructor) £199

If you’re serious about learning to kitesurf and want to become an independent kitesurfer then the full 2 day course is the one for you. This course consists of the Discovery Kiteboarder Day 1 lesson and the Intermediate Kiteboarder day 2 lesson and will also provide you with an IKO kiteboarder’s card. These cards will be marked with the level that you achieved on the course. The cards can be used later to continue with other advanced lessons, or to rent kitesurf equipment from rental centres throughout the world.   

For more information on the IKO kiteboarders’ cards and levels click HERE


Day 1 & 2 Full course


Individual day prices:


Day 1 “Discovery Kiteboarder” 6 hours
(3 hours on land; 3 hours in the water)


Day 2 “Intermediate Kiteboarder” 
6 hours in the water


One on One Tuition

£40 per hour

4 Hour Kite Landboard Lesson


When you order a kitesurf lesson online we will send you a voucher with contact details for you to book your courses dates.

All vouchers are valid for 12 months. Unfortunately no under 18s can be taken on one of our kite courses. however if they are a minimum age of 16 and are accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times this is acceptable. 

“Discovery Kiteboarder” Day 1

Discover kiteboarding with this 6 hour course. The first 3 hours is based on land at Baiter Park, Poole. This grassy spot is an ideal location to learn the fundamentals of kite flying and handling, spot assessment, kite rigging (setup), and kite safety systems all in the comfort of dry land.

The second half of the day continues at Poole Harbour. This is when you put your recently learnt knowledge to the test and fly inflatable kites with the safety of waist height water, practise using the kite safety systems and learn how to water re-launch an inflatable kite. After you have good control you will use the kite to drag yourself along the water’s surface (body dragging). This is an excellent way for you to feel the real power of an inflatable kite and gain valuable experience of controlling a kite whilst in motion. The day ends with a water pack down and self rescue demonstration, an essential element of the instruction which helps to develop your knowledge and skills to become a safe independent kitesurfer.

“Intermediate Kiteboarder” Day 2

On day 2 it’s straight into the water at Poole Harbour, starting with more body dragging to freshen up your memory, then upwind body dragging, then concentrating mainly on kiteboard work, practicing board starts and riding in both directions. By the end of this day you will be knowledgeable and skilled enough to buy yourself some suitable equipment, set it up and practise safely on your own.

One on One Tuition

Learn at your own pace with private tuition, this can be for the complete beginner to advanced coaching. Very useful for people who have had lessons and just bought their own kit and would like a quick safety and setup refresher and board riding coaching. (minimum of 2 hours)  

Landboarding Lessons 4 Hours (Max 4 per instructor) £75

If water isnt your thing then why not try Kite Landboarding. Within the 4 hours you will learn all the fundamentals of kite flying, rigging and, more importantly, gaining the experience of what it’s like to fly a kite that generates real power! After you have control of the kite you will the progress onto using a Kite Landboard to ride up and down. Its pretty much kitesurfing on land!!! For more info click here.

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